81 days left

Only 81 days before the Marietta, Ohio swap meet, on March 7th.
75 plus vendors for this one day swap meet, in a heated building, featuring lots of T parts, good food, and more fun than you could have anyplace else in one day!
Meet starts at 7:00 am and ends at 3:01.
Y’all come and join the good ole boys from West Virginia, who have been sponsoring this for 10 years! ( And do a dandy job of helping all of the vendors and buyers)

Just 18 days before “sold out” vendor at the Marietta, Ohio swap meet on March 1st. All vendor spaces in the heated exhibition hall have been spoken for. This is a good swap one day meet, in its 11th year, always the first Saturday in March. Good food and many Model T parts and accessories are available. See the new Nolting transmission drums, shafts and gears on display. Other new part manufactures are also there, along with lots of parts for swap.
Y’all come and have a good time. We always do!

Is there a link to a website?