A Call For HCCT Photos and Information

Hello To All.

I am putting together a book about the HCCT (Hand Cranked Coil Tester).
I think it is time that we gather our collective HCCT knowledge and record it for future generations of Model T enthusiasts.

I am looking for photos, advertising materials and any information on the wide variety of HCCTs that were made over the years.

I am planning sections on the following :
Various HCCT models from various Manufacturers
Home Made HCCTs
I am open to suggestions for other topics.
Credit will be given to the contributor for any materials used.

If you have an unrestored, restored, homemade, unusual or odd HCCT please let me know about it.

I am also very interested in any HCCTs that are in other countries or any foreign version of the HCCT.

I have set up a special email account for your input at : HCCT.BOOK@gmail.com.

At this time, the distribution method of the book has not been determined.
There are a number of possibilities and all will be carefully considered when the time comes.

I will be posting this notice on several web sites to get the word out.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Cascisa
A.K.A. Be_Zero_Be


Have you contacted Ron the Coilman? He knows more about these units than anyone alive.


I am working with Ron on this project.
We hope to have a nice reference for the HCCT.


I have a motor driven coil tester, that I’ve had for over 50 years. I use it often. I converted the coil area to test 1913 KW coils, and then later bought a 1925, so had to make a box to test regular coils too. You just never know in this hobby!

Original Smith,

I will be contacting you about this HCCT when I get back home.