Accessory Timers Archive

American Timer

American Timer Rotor.JPG

Ace Timer Riser

ace timer bracket ad.jpg

Eclipse Timer

Eclipse Timer 2.JPG
Eclipse Timer back.JPG
Eclipse Timer Rotor.JPG

“OLD TIMERS GATHERING” :slight_smile:

New Day Timer

New Day Timer Brush's.JPG

new day 4.jpg

New Day Short Proof Timer ad.JPG

Master Timer Rotor

Hy-Power Timer


Reliable Timer

reliable timer 2.jpg

I love to see all the accessory timers! My project was dragged from the forest so I went with a modern a accessory, the Stolz distributor. It’s neat but will likely get replaced with a timer in the future. Unless of course it runs like a dream, I have learned that if something is good not to mess with it. :smiley:

APCO Timer
Apco Timer.JPG
Apco Timer Back.jpg
Apco Timer Side.JPG

U&J Carburetor Company Timer

Bruno Two Wire Timer

K-C Timer Brush

K-C Timer Brush box.jpg
K-C Timer Brush box 1.jpg
K-C Timer Brush 2.jpg

Bull Dog Timer

Crystal Timer

No-Kick Timer

Bell Timer
Bell Timer.JPG
Bell timer 1.JPG
Bell Timer Brush.JPG
Bell Timer Back.JPG

Anco Counter Displays

anco display spinner 2.jpg
anco display spinner 1.jpg

Herz Timer

Blublaze Timer

Blublaze Timer Ad.jpg