Advice on 26 Tudor

I just wanted to pick your brains if you don’t mind. I recently bought a new T and am having trouble figuring out an issue with high gear. The car runs strong and low and reverse are fine. I wind out low fully then ease out the clutch to neutral and lower the throttle before easing on into high and giving it more gas. When the car goes into high it wants to buck and jerk and unless I am going downhill it pretty much keeps it up. I have already checked a lot of things. First I checked the hand brake adjustment. I readjusted the bands to ensure that nothing was dragging there. It doesn’t feel like the clutch is slipping because it actually seems to be holding back the engine instead of letting it rev higher. I cannot get a noticeable increase in rpms past about half throttle but you can smell the extra fuel when you pull it on down. The same is true with the spark. I can advance it from about 1/2 to full and can tell no real difference. At idle and in low and reverse everything is just perfect. I am stumped. Just about every friend that I had here locally that fooled with T’s is dead now so I am hoping that you guys can help me out.

Thanks and God Bless,

Joshua A. Powers

It’s likely something very simple.

First thing I would do is make sure it has plenty of gas in the tank.

Next I would make sure the timer is clean.

I would check the coils either on a hand cranked coil tester or a Strobo Spark.


How crazy! I have the same car and same problem. Got a refurbished gas tank because mine was “shedding.” Thought this would fix it. Did not. Bought a new timer. Nope. Had coils checked. Didn’t make a difference. Made clutch/handbrake adjustments… I can’t figure this thing out. Use a vaporizer carb- no probs until now. Tin plate fine. Full of gas and getting to carb fine…. Still bucks/jerks/shudders in high.

Did you ever get yours running properly and if so, how? Anybody got ideas?