American Gothic

Ha Ha! Like!

Great pictures! The black and white version is priceless.

The black and white is better, especially the background. That is one sour looking old dude!

You’d be sour too, if you own a TT. It’s State Law ! … and a
touch of mental illness. :laughing:

I too prefer the b/w photo, but I like the color version b/c we see the whole TT truck. Here perhaps is the best of both, hoping it puts no one off.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … I would not worry about putting anyone off, Tom.

Tomorrow I have a date with putting a whole bunch of people off
(if they are so inclined) by taking my TT out and cleaning up a large
pine tree that fell on a nearby church. It will be highly visible work
and the truck will be seen by many. Chances are, many will get a big
grin on their face when they see it. Some with point and honk. A few
will probably stop and take pictures and ask funny questions, like “Does
it run ?” and if I am the original owner. If anyone gets a hurt feeling,
I have forms for them to fill out. Gotta love it. :+1:

R von S, take your camera, shoot a ton of faux toes, and share here, iff’n you would.

Know what you mean about the attention the T’s always get. Good thing I’m a super market star at heart. :laughing:

OK … if you insist. :laughing:

BTW - I just posted some pix of the old dog
out and about in the “Post pix of your car” album.

Love the flat finish on your C-cab. I look forward
to mine not looking so shiny.

As directed, you will find photos of the adventure in the “What did you
do with your T today ?” thread.

I like the flat finish better than the glossy black too.

I have be told that it’s “satin” black vs “flat” black?

Anybody know what it’s supposed to be called?

new “Hot Rod Black” paint and new pitchfork

That is a beautiful truck.