Anastasia & Evangeline

Hi Folks,

I proudly present my 2 T’s.

One, Anastasia, is a 1921 Canadian built Touring, with an Australian built (Steenbohms) body. She has been in our family since 1964 and her full history is known. She has had only 3 owners, all ladies, but required a full restoration that was completed in 2004.

The other is my still unfinished Speedster, Evangeline. I’ve built her from parts I’ve scrounged from all over the world.

I’m a brand new member of this fantastic forum, but some of you may recognise my name from other Model T Forums that I’ve been posting to since about 2003.

Both of them at home

Both look immaculate. Absolutely fantastic pair of T’s. Australian companies built some beautiful, interesting bodies.
I hope someone fabricates and reproduces this one sometime!