Another Ford Faithful Oiler question

I went to open up the cover and clean the oil screen, and discovered that the Ford Faithful cover is held on with bolts, not slotted screws.
Is it supposed to be like that?
I’ve seen stock covers attached with screws so I don’t know if the bolts are Ford Faithful oiler specific or if they were used because that’s what was one hand when it was last worked on.
What’s the correct fastener for the Ford Faithful cover?

Since I have to disconnect the Ford Faithful oil line to remove the cover, I’m thinking of using a blast of compressed air to clean out the line. Is this OK or will it do something terrible to the engine? The crankcase is drained right now.

Looking on line I see photos of Ford Faithful covers with screws. The difference between those and mine is that mine has the battery grounded to the hogshead using one the bolts that hold the cover on.
Perhaps the bolt head is the better ground than the original screws?
There’s got to be a reason for this, right?

The battery cable ground should go to the frame not the engine.

I thought so, but that’s the way she came to me. I do have the braided grounding strap so I’ll use that instead of the cable that runs up to the hog head. I’ll order the correct screws for the cover plate so it’ll be just like Henry intended. Thanks!

Well I finally had the time and courage to delve into the Ford Faithful.
I disconnected the oil line and shot some compressed air down the line, then I found the correct size socket to remove the bolts that held the cover to the hogshead and lifted off the cover. The cork gasket came apart.
Then I lifted off the oil screen, only there wasn’t one, but there was a baffle.
Pictures on line show a screen fitted between the baffle and the cover to filter out debris from the bands.
My on line search hasn’t turned up any screens for original Ford Faithful oilers so I guess this will be a DIY project. My question is, what size screen material would work? I’m thinking window screen would be too restrictive, so maybe hardware cloth—but what size opening—1/4" 1/8" or some other size?

You can buy the screen kit with gaskets from Snyder’s or Tam’s. It should work without modification with your cover.

I looked at Snyder’s. Their Ford Faithful oilers have a screen on the baffle, but I don’t need a complete Ford Faithful oiler. Also Snyder’s screen does appear to be held in place with a magnet?

Wat you need is part # T-3300-OS from Snyder’s. You don’t need to buy all the rest.

Thanks! I’ll do that.

Snyder’s part #T-3300-OS arrived, and I’m confused by it. It doesn’t look like the baffle as illustrated in Snyder’s catalog with their Ford Faithful Oiler. The lower end of the trapazoidal baffle is perforated (the screen)
where the oil would be collected into the outside oil line. It looks like this would severely limit the oil being sent to the #1 bearing.

Any advice?

The oil enters the oil line as it is splashed on the cover plate it is just splash/drip oiling. the oil only needs to drip on the front by gravity. I doubt your cover is any different than all I have seen.

I called Snyder’s and asked them. They told me my original baffle would work better with the oil line hook up I have—the oil needs to puddle at the bottom of the baffle plate to enter the oil line (the way mine is set up.) I was being overly cautious, I guess if she’s ran this long without an oil screen I should just leave her be.

I think you should still use the filter screen. Oil will enter the hole on your cover. The accessory oil line is to make sure oil is fed to the front of the motor during long steep hill climbs, or when the original oil line is not maintained and gets clogged.

I have cut a piece of screen that should fit in snuggly between the door to the transmission and the Ford Faithful baffle. I understand this is to be held in place with a magnet, right?
So now my question is, do I position the magnet so it’s held in place against the bottom of the transmission door (+ up, or the top of the Ford Faithful baffle + down?)
Or does it matter? I don’t want to risk this falling in among the transmission bands and stuff.


The magnet normally sits as low as possible so it will contact the most oil.

Thanks for the advice.