Another Mower T

I chased this one for nearly 6 years and had pretty much given up on her. Saturday morning I got a call - owner was ready to sell. She was made by the highway department of Phillipston, Massachusetts back in the mid-30s to mow the sides of the roads. They used her into the late 50s when she was sold off to a farmer in town. He used her to mow hay for about 10 years and then she was retired to a cow shed - where she sat until last weekend. TT-based with a late 20s Chevrolet transmission added in. Mowing system is IHC horse-drawn (need to look up model). They made their own bull gear and pinion - the flat stock on the rear wheels is holding the bull gear in place. This is similar to my other mower T, but whereas that one always has the bull gear in direct drive (because the pinions are mounted to the rear axle), this setup offers selected engagement of the mowing system. Seems like a better design and am looking forward to seeing how it handles once she’s running again.