Hi AII, i am changing the bands in my 27. When i took it apart the removable ears were on the left side. I thought i read somewhere that they should be on the right side. Does it matter? thanks charlie


I’ve heard that somehow it does. On the other hand for years I always put them on the “wrong” side and they worked fine. My opinion it probably doesn’t matter at all.

I have installed bands both as in-car repairs and as part of total rebuilds.
I am something of a greenhorn when it comes to T’s, and was overseen by
a number of gurus as I did the work. They told me the ears needed to be
this way or that for some reason (or reasons) such as ease of installation or
access, but I cannot remember the details now. Call Tom at the Antique
Auto Ranch - 509 . 535 . 7789 - and he can tell you more about handy tips
for Model T operations than I can ever remember !