BBC 2022 Day 2 - Tuesday May 17

Today was much different than the last two - no precipitation was forecasted for the entire day. We had the driver’'s meeting at 8:30 AM and left immediately thereafter.

The roads around here are well maintained. There can be a few steep hills, just enough to need a Ruckstell if your T is loaded down.

At our first stop of the day at Littletown Woodworking Specialties we had free coffee and pastries. The company specializes in woodgraining metal dash boards, a hard to find skill that is needed if you are restoring a typical 1930’s - 1950’s car.

A lot more cars came out today, owing a lot to the perfect weather. We got to see a Stevens Duryea touring, about 1911 I think. What a machine!

Once we had all the pastries and coffee we could handle it was time to get on the road again. Maybe 15 miles down the road we visited the largest Corvair - specific shop in the world. The owner, John Goulden, has amassed the largest number of original and restored Corvairs anywhere. He told us he had in excess of 500 cars total, including two Corvair powered motor coaches, one restored and one project.
bbc 2022 tuesday n.jpg

Mr Goulden sold out to Jeff Stonesifer several years ago. The operation will perform maintenance on your Corvair, rebuild a Corvair engine for you, even restore the entire car. Neeed sheet metal? A bumper? Engine parts? If it’s for a Corvair, he has it.

Another ultra - rare and huge antique car was at the Corvair Ranch - A 1910 Pullman touring. While not as exotic or expensive as a Stevens Duryea - a Pullman is much rarer. It’s estimated that around 27 remain.

Great pics, thanks Royce! :slight_smile: