BBC 2022 Day 3

Today started off as usual with a driver’s meeting at the HCCA tent next to the host hotel. The briefing was brief, weather fantastic. Off we went! We kept the top down this morning. It was cool and crisp! Our tour took us across several interesting bridges today. This one had a mesh steel grate floor.

At our first stop of the day Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts were served. My favorite! Along with lots of brass cars to look at.

After coffee and pastries we continued south into the state of Maryland. The scenery was nice, hills were long and tall. As we neared the top of one hill my T started making engine noises that did not sound right. I pulled into a level drive to investigate. What I found was my T was low on oil. So I added two quarts. It started and sounded normal so we continued on to lunch.

Sorry I did not take any pictures at a winery stop (Links Bridges Winery) or at lunch. After lunch we continued on and found a whole lot more hills, some covered bridges, and some mighty fine roads. The T kept on puttering along. We were behind one of the highest horsepower cars on the trip, the Stevens Duryea touring, and did not have any trouble keeping up.

It was a great day, about 85 miles total.