BBC Day 1 - the first tour day!

Here’s a video showing how nice the roads were today. About 70 degrees. Sprinkled once this afternoon for around 5 minutes. It was wonderful!

After the driver’s meeting we had a few minutes to look at cars this morning before the scheduled 8:30 AM departure. I saw a car that had not been at the car show and it was very unfamiliar looking. I went over to see what it was - a 1913 Moline Knight touring! A super rare and large car. What a treat.

The skies looked threatening as we departed. Weather forecast called for heavy rain beginning around noon and continuing for several hours afterwards. Luckily the weather guessers were wrong.

We had our first coffee stop around 10:00 this morning. The fellow (did not get his name) was a professional upholsterer who did magnficent work. The two cars on display were a 1912 EMF 30 touring and a 1912 Cadillac coupe. He had driven the EMF around the country several years ago - the distance covered was 10,000 miles! The pastries were tasty too. The Cadillac was exquisite.

We drove on, and eventually reached our lunch stop at the Appalachian Trail Museum / Pine Grove Furnace State Park which is situated in the middle of the Michaux Forest. The furnace was erected about 1764 and was in almost continuous use until it was abandoned in 1895. A forge was added in 1830 by Peter Ege who also built a dam that formed Laurel Lake and Mountain Lake in order to use a water wheel for power. The dam was breeched by flooding in 1889 and 1919.

The Fuller State brick company bought the property in 1892. It was in operation until about 1913 at the site.

The parks were established in 1913. Ruins of the original forge are still visible today. Photos taken in the 1880’s are on display.

After lunch - it was great by the way - we proceeded on the tour route to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing. It was fabulous - there were motorcycles, a lot of dirt race cars from the earliest ones of the 1930’s until present day. A whole room was devoted to funny cars of the early 1970’s including famous USA-1 Camaro campaigned by Bruce Larson and the 1967 Chevelle of Maynard Rupp. There were scores of engines from Model T to Chrysler 392 Hemi. It was fascinating.

A video at the museum:

More pictures from the Eastern Motor Racing Museum. Note the solar powered race car on the wall:

Our next stop - the National Apple Museum. Top Tip: Skip this one unless you need a restroom break.

Our final leg of the day was from the National Apple Museum to the hotel, a distance of about 8 miles. It sprinkled for a few minutes, the only precipitation of the day.