Best Solution for the Radiator Summer and Winter

What is everyone using in their radiators during the summer and winter. It was suggested to me by a friend that has a Packard to use to disstilled water. Does anyone else have any comments on that or other suggestions. Thanks

I live in Tulsa OK so I put in one gallon of pure Prestone green then fill it the rest of the way with clean water. This yields adequate protection for the Tulsa winters and corrosion prevention during the warm months.

By the way you never ever want to use pure distilled water. It causes intense corrosion by itself because it is lacking an electron. It can be mixed with anti freeze but a better choice is deionized water for that. With no anti freeze you are subject to lots of corrosion - never a good thing.

I live ~ 5 miles south of Cincinnati in Taylor Mill, KY. Temperatures below zero are not an uncommon happening. Christmas night it was officially 1 degree but here at the house it was 5 below. I mix green antifreeze, the least expensive I can find, 50-50 with water. According to the information on the jug that’s good for 20 below or so. I leave it in year round topping off as needed. It so happens we have a cistern so I’m mixing the antifreeze with rain water. FWIW we’ve lived here since 1976 with no dire consequences from using rain water for all our water needs.

Regards, Tom in Taylor Mill, KY