Brake lever trim installation

Since my T doesn’t have a draft deflector I need to figure out how to attach the trim.
With a draft deflector, it’s supposed to be with rivets.
Without a draft deflector I’ve read to use tacks, so I went to my local ACE hardware to look for tacks, but the carpet tacks they had didn’t have heads large enough not to pull through the holes in the trim plate, so I got a few galvanized 7/8" roofing nails, which I figure I can paint black.
Would these be a prudent substitute in the Model T universe?
I also have #10x5/8" round head slotted screws which i used on the floorboard brackets, so it’s one or the other.
Is there an any advantage to using one over the other?
What did you use on your T?

I used round head wood screws on my 1924. I don’t remember the exact size, but they fit through the stock trim holes, I didn’t have to drill anything except for pilot holes in the wood. :slight_smile:

I have always used oval head brass screws to attach that piece.

Thanks for the suggestions.
What bothers me about using tacks or nails is that it would be too easy to miss with the hammer and mar the metal trim.
Besides I already have the screws, so that settles it.

Well not quite. The screws I had are #10, the holes in the lever trim are sized for #6s
so it was off to the ACE to pick up four brass #6s. I drilled the pilot holes and the first screw I drove in broke in half when it was 3/4s of the way in.
Cheap import brass (grumble grumble)
I drilled it out the best I could and will pick up some steel screws tomorrow.
Oh well, I’ve got at least eleven more months to finish getting her roadworthy to celebrate her 100th Birthday in 2024.

With the smaller brass screws I pilot drill, then use a steel screw first. Then remove the steel screw and install the brass one. It takes longer but there are a lot less broken screws.

Thanks for the tip! Since the screw heads will be black anyway I might just stick with steel. It came out looking pretty good on the pedal trim plates, but those were #10s, so it’s another trip to ACE tomorrow.

The ACE stores in my town discontinued flathead steel screws a couple years ago. Ace only has phillips head wood screws now. If I want the flat head style I have to go to the True Value store.

Grandpa used to say, “Never use a nail when you can use a screw.”

The local ACE still has a few sizes of slotted head steel wood screws in stock. The #6x1/2" screws did the trick on my brake lever trim piece.
Thank you all for the help and advise!