breaking in a new engine

Hi Royce -

I finally got the carcass back from the painter and getting it together enough to drag it. I have a neighbor with a garden tractor and I think he could pull me around the cul de sack until we can get the motor to turn over.

  • I don’t need a radiator on it to do this, do I? We’ll only be going lawn mower speeds.

  • How long do you think it will take to get a BJ product to turn by hand?

My 15 was done by BJ and the crew at Ron’s. We towed it around a parking lot in high gear wth the plugs out for 30 minutes. It started on one pull of the crank after that. I would have a radiator in place .

Did you squirt some oil in the top of the cylinders or will the splash system be enough? Maybe I should be thinking of dragging it faster than a lawn mower.

I squirted oil in each cylinder. I was rewarded by oil all over the engine. In any case more oil is better than less!