C Cab sale

I have no connection to this truck:

C Cabs are interesting, good visibility compared to many TT’s with cabs. I really like the bed on this one. I sort of doubt the 36 mph, but maybe with a 5:1 rear and everything well balanced…

Bids are up to $2500. Reserve not met. Buy-It-Now price is $15,000.

TT’s are not as popular as cars and I doubt this will go for anywhere near $15,000. I expect bids to stop around $6,000, much less than it would cost to get an old truck into this good a condition, but one seldom gets back what one has “invested” in these old TT"s.

What one gets “back out of” their TT is entirely subjective. If the object
is all about money, haven’t we missed the point entirely ? I have a job for
making money. My hobbies are what I do for pleasure, and by definition,
are holes where money is poured in, not expected to “return” anything but
a good time. Golf, beer drinking, travel, season tickets, does anyone else
expect to get their money back out of these other hobbies ?

This looks to be a pretty sweet truck. I am always torn to get myself a
C-cab to go with my box cab, but have resisted (thus farly) because one
hole to pour money into has proven a sufficient drain on my old car budget
(thus farly) !

With the express gears (5:1 ratio), my truck will move along in the mid-30’s
comfortably on the relatively flat, straight road. Cornering is interesting at
that speed, and bumps can empty the bed real quick of anything not strapped

Speaking of which, it is amazing how smooth these trucks drive with a stout
load on them. Stopping is a concern, but they sure do glide with a ton of junk
making those springs work.

The most awkward thing for speed with a TT in my opinion is having all the
aerodynamics of a phone booth going down the road. The C-cab would probably
be worse, … basically functioning as a steel parachute !

This is one of those moments where I just have to laugh at the clash between
the modern paradigm of smooth roads and speed vs. a time when going 25 was
as fast as a horse at full gallup and the old truck could do it all day long, where
the horse would need a rest after a mile.

“but one seldom gets back what one has “invested” in these old TT"s.” I thought it obvious I was speaking from a financial standpoint. The enjoyment aspect is the main reason they sell at all. The point is, one can not expect to get back financially what one puts into them. This one for sale has a BIN of $15,000. The buyer would probably make some money if it went for that price, and I am saying he is unrealistic with that price.

This looks to be a really nice truck.

Bids are up to $4,000 with 5 days left, it is the last five seconds that count though…

". The buyer would probably make some " should be “The seller…”

Understood. I just encourage people to focus on the pleasure aspect of
their hobby and not the money. Done right, old cars (or trucks, in this case)
deliver a lot of jollies for the money spent. I have clients that spend $5K
a throw just to travel to and be a spectator at NASCAR events. Others
dump large wads of dough on golf. That’s kinda like paying money to watch
paint dry ! Hahahahaha !

Of course, to be fair, those folks think doing the Model T thing is utter
madness as a hobby/pastime. On par with shoveling rocks.

To me, money is always a factor. I find T’s to be a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy antique cars. But the enjoyment of driving T’s outweighs the cost, for ME. The cost of the original vehicle is important, and I suspect it is for many others also.

I don’t care if others enjoy NASCAR, fishing, golf or whatever. That is their business. And I doubt that they care if I enjoy my T’s. I have found many who enjoy riding in my TT limo. Wal Mart, Wal Green’s, or WaWa at 2:00 a.m. and a conversation starts which often ends with them taking a ride! It is great to share the fun. I have found enthusiasts at all ages, all sexes, and all races. Most talk of that their grandfather owned etc. When a 40 year old married lady gets in for a ride alone at Wal Mart at 2:00 a.m. there has to be something good going. And she did not want to ride with me, she was am aerospace engineer who wanted to experience a ride in 100 year old technology. Her father owned a TT.

I have found only people who like my T’s, no one has given me a hard time except another T enthusiast who says my speedster is NOT a T. Fine, call it what you want. It has a T engine, drivetrain, frame, and title, but with an alternator and a distributor it is not a T. So it is not a T, but he still confessed to liking it. I really don’t care, in fact I admire purists like him who keep history alive. But the general public likes my T’s, and they don’t tell me I should go to NASCAR or play golf, or whatever.

I don’t lead my life to please others, and they sure don’t lead theirs to please me. I have never had anyone criticize me for buying, owning, working on, and driving my T’s.

I say you only live once and if the TT makes you happy and doesn’t hurt your financial situation, go for it.

Auction ends this evening at 10:00…

With 5 hours left it is up to $4,150 but reserve not met. BIN has been reduced to $13,500. I love to see what these old trucks bring on the open market!

Auction has ended with reserve not met. Top bid was $6,000. What did I post a few days ago? "I expect bids to stop around $6,000, ", darn I must be clairvoyant. This looks to be a nice truck if as described, trucks are just not popular, now. They will be, but not now. I think it sad that this truck did not sell, it would cost much more than $6,000 to put one in this condition.