Can anyone help me? Is there any way to find out or where to check the ownership history of a model t?

I have a 1922 Model T with a 1923 motor/ motor number. Is there anywhere, I can try to find out the ownership history of this vehicle/ where it was made and what date. Thanks for any suggestions.

Not really. The only possibility is to track down previous owners by knowing who bought it and when. Most likely all of them other than the person you bought the car from are dead.

This is an extremely long shot but it worked for a friend. There were the remnants of a state issued decal of some sort on the windshield. It was recent enough and there was enough data still legible that the state could provide some information. That led to a name, who like Auto_Inn suggested was deceased but family members provided a previous owner’s name but unfortunately that’s where the trail went cold.

Good luck hunting.

Tom in Taylor Mill, KY