Canadian Speedster?

I recently acquired a 1927 Model T Speedster. Nicely done. It shows the engine was made in Canada. Would really find anything about the car!
1927 Model T Speedster, built in the 90’s in California. Canadian engine,
Ruckstell two speed axle,
Double Solex Carburetors and custom intake manifold,
Custom headers and free-flow exhaust
leather bucket seats,
drop front axle
Z’ed frame.
Original Edmunds & Jones headlights.
Rootlieb fenders and running boards.
Atwater Kent distributor.
Monocle windscreen.
Nice detailed pin striped.
Oil Pressure system with filter.
Foot feed and column for gas.
12v system.
Oil pressure gauge.
Includes a custom built open trailer. Tows great, new tires on trailer…


Love the car! Fabulous intake / exhaust arrangement.

Thank you. Very happy with the Speedster!

That…is one very attractive speedster!
Love the E&J’s

Thank you. Having a blast with it. Someone built it and did some very good work, but not knowing what was done? Not knowing the mods, hard to address them.

I had to puzzle out the oil pressure system. No movement with my oil pressure gauge? Apparently the pump is behind the flywheel. Who made it? The OPS is higher than the oil level (petcocks). Does it self prime? Is it necessary to have oil pressure in a Model T? Would the usual oiling system lubricate the engine? Could my oil pressure gauge is clogged?

Someone told me that when an oil pressure system is added, some of the regular Model T oil delivery was blocked to allow pressurized system to work best. On this info, decided to address this “issue.”

To be safe and taking the simplicity route, drain the oil and remove the filter. Did so. A LOT of crud. Cleaned it. The filter has no info and seemed to be too small for the housing. Not having a filter, put it back together with no filter.

OK, take oil pressure line loose and blow into it with air hose. Check, needle moved. So how do I prime the pump? Is it self priming or is air in it? How prime it? I used a hand pump to inject fresh oil into the system by backfeeding from one of the copper lines that feed the mains. Started and I have oil pressure. Peg the needle when cold. About 20lbs while driving.

Should a Model T need a filter? Or best not have one? Model Ts have a bit of dirty oil as it lubes the transmission and the engine. Keep the screen clean inside the transmission to catch the swarf and gluck. Does a filter clog quickly.

This figuring took me about two solid days with “figuring out” different paths. If I knew the owner or info, could have been done much more quickly.

Now the Solex carbs are a bit ragged. Seem a bit lean. Came from VW. Downloaded manuals from Google. Looks like at least more and more days.