Car Cam

I looked on Amazon for dashboard cams, they have a lot reasonably priced. I want a camera that will take a good picture on a bumpy dirt road and also on a good road at 55 mph. Night vision is not important. Basically I drive about ten miles of dirt, 50 miles of 45-55 paved, and 100’s of miles of 25 mph subdivisions. I would like a camera that does well on all of them and that records so I can download to you tube.

I don’t anything about cameras, but it looks like they make them simple enough that I can figure out. My main fear is vibration would ruin the picture on the dirt roads.

Does anyone have a camera that they would recommend or know that type most T’ers use?

I use a Go Pro Hero 5. I don’t think you need any special mounts.

Vibration is vibration, whatever the camera. On smooth roads I can set it on a tripod and all is fine. On country roads I find that hand holding it works. Your body cushions the vibrations so you can hold the camera pretty steady. If I’m alone, shooting with one hand and driving with the other limits where I can shoot. It has to be a straight road or a gentle curve. If I’m enjoying the luxury of being the passenger that makes it easy.

This is on pavement with a tripod near the start and hand held later:

This is hand held on country roads. The hand held part at the end is pretty bouncy because of where I’m driving, but out on the roads I think it’s not too bad:

Excellent videos. Editing is the key. Thanks for sharing.

I was thinking of just setting the camera in the car and going with whatever it shot, but your method with editing is much better, you set a high bar.

A continuous view out the front window gets pretty tired after awhile. A variety of shots is more interesting. The iMovie program that came with my computer makes editing pretty easy.

I just noticed the YouTube button, so I have to try it out.

Ok Steve, how did you mount the camera on your Runabout ?? Saw you clip from July 4th and you weren’t using Cinema Verte ??
Some pics of your mounting system would be helpful.

Nice video Steve!

George, all the shots from inside the roadster are hand-held, shooting with one hand and driving with the other. Sometimes that works OK and sometimes it doesn’t. In the touring there’s enough room for me to set up a tripod in the back seat. That works very well on paved roads. I haven’t tried it on country roads yet.

Ok Steve, how are you tying down the tripod ?? Or are you using generous amounts of gaffer tape ??

No tape, no rope. Just gravity.

Do you prefer the ratchet type gravity straps, liquid gravity, or the
type that comes on a roll ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: