Car just shut off at the red light. No juice

I had taken the car out Sunday for an Easter drive. It had started fine both with the crank and the electric starter. While I was sitting at the light waiting for it to change the car just shut off. I had a fusible link inserted and thought it had been the fuse. However, it was not the fuse. I did have what look like a bad positive cable which I replaced. With no success. Car is converted to 12 volt. No prior issues since the conversion. Brand new battery. Any help would be appreciated to try to get my girl back up and running. Feel free to call me. 484-560-4684 or email me. EDWARDZUCAL1923@GMAIL.COM

We once had the identical problem and tried the same cures pretty much as you have done to no avail.

I put the switch in the battery position and had a grandson push the ignition key firmly but gently into the switch. Then I carefully cranked the engine by hand and heard the welcome buzzing of the coils. Our problem thus was in the original ignition switch. It was simply worn out. For a stop gap cure I simply would hot wire the ignition.

Repop ignition switches have a lukewarm reputation at best. IMHO a man named Ben Martin in Georgia is the best. He has done several for me.

Another possibility might be with the timer. Perhaps something has gone wrong with the roller. Removing the cover should show if anything is amiss. Might be a good opportunity to give the insides a good cleaning as well.

Good luck.

If you have any further I’ll be glad to try to answer them.

Regards, Tom in Taylor Mill, KY 41015

You mentioned that it was converted to 12V. Was it also converted to a newer style distributer?

On the one or two times that my car has just shut off, like someone turned the key off, the problem turned out to be the ignition switch. I disassembled the switch, lightly sanded the contacts, and all was well. :slight_smile: