Carpeting for sedans?

My '24 Fordor has pretty cheesy looking green indoor/outdoor carpeting. I suspect that it’s not original as there is no carpeting for the back and the front has no wear at all…
I looked at most of the parts houses and couldn’t find any sedan carpet kits
What did the original carpeting look like, anyway?
Are there any recommended sources for T carpeting?

I think carpet would have been included with closed Fords. I suspect the reason no one makes a reproduction has to do with demand. Maybe someone else has a typical carpet from 1924 to show?

Hello 24Fordor!
I have a 24 Tudor with brown interior. I think there are two, maybe three color choices. When i bought my T the carpet was missing but it still had the original kick panel carpet in it and it is brown. Hope that helps you with your decisions. I guess you know that all 1924 T’s were black exterior.

Elsewhere on the web I was just pointed in the direction of

as a source for carpet kits.
This looks promising!

Mike at Classtique does great work. I sent him the rotten but complete original seat upholstery from my 1912 Flanders 20 Fore Door Runabout and he created a new upholstery kit for it in leather using my upholstery as a pattern, it turned out great! If you send him what pieces you have he can use them as a guide to find the right material and make new carpet for your car.