Center Door picture of sloped street

The photo of the center door on the sloped street, according to Getty Images and the Underwood Archives, the photo was taken in San Francisco on January 1st, 1921.

I doubt the building still exists, as a LOT has changed in SF since then.

Thank you!

I didn’t see the picture…I wonder if this was it??

The picture was originally posted in the model year article here:

Sorry but in the initial post in this thread there wasn’t any reference or link to the picture.
I didn’t know what was being commented on.
I found the picture on the world wide inter web.
Now I get it!! LOL

It makes sense that the photo would have been taken around New Years day 1921. The center door is a later one with low radiator but not equipped with bail type door handles and it has demountable wheels so it is obviously 1920 or later. I suspect it is a nearly new “1921” model year Model T.