Central New Hampshire Model T Club Tour

Sunday September 17th, 2017

Everyone who attended this tour had a great time starting with coffee & donuts at Greg’s house (our tour guide) in Bedford, New Hampshire. Then a little after 9am we were off to the big city of Manchester for some city driving in our Model Ts on our way to see Carl’s extraordinarily large collection of small engines 7 (s)miles away. I was especially interested in his Hot Air Water Pumping Engine, to me a truly amazing engine. Around 11:30 the club headed back through Manchester over Hanover and Elm Streets and then out Amoskeag Street to Goffstown Road. Once out of the city we traveled on some beautiful Model T (back) roads, some were even dirt a Model T tour must, through Goffstown (Greg, I know a shortcut from here, hint Wallace Road), Weare, New Boston (Greg, I know a shortcut from here, hint Bedford Road), Mont Vernon, Amherst on our way to lunch and ice cream at The Inside Scoop in Bedford. Thank you, Greg, for a great job planning this 47-mile tour.

Note: Rider-Ericsson hot-air pumping engine dating from about 1895. Designed strictly to pump water, the engine was built to be placed next to a well or a cistern with the pump suction pipe hanging down into the water. During operation, the water the engine is pumping is also used to cool the engine: Before water is discharged from the engine, it passes through a water jacket at the upper end of the cylinder.

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