Champion spark plugs question

I tried pulling the plugs on my T to put some oil in the cylinders, but my original Model T plug wrench is too large. I selected my largest spark plug socket in my tool box 13/16" but that one is too small.
The plugs are Champion with Champion in the color green—if that matters.
I tried to unscrew one of the plugs with an adjustable old Diamond Auto Wrench but it wouldn’t budge so I gave all the spark plugs a very healthy dose of Break Free and see if they’ll loosen up in a few days, but I’d prefer to used the correct size socket or wrench. The model numbers for the plugs aren’t visible. These plugs, from what I can see, don’t resemble the current Champions from Mexico.
Does anyone here have any idea what kind of spark plug wrench will fit these things?

The original T plug wrench fits. Or you can use a 15/16” open end wrench.

My old wrench must have been worn out then, I’ll give a 15/16" a try.

I’m thinking new plugs are in order, but which one’s to get?
Autolite, Motorcraft, Champion or Champion take-apart replicas?
My T has a distributor wires and the plugs have modern tops for slip on connectors, which IIRC are what the Autolites have(?) So that would simplify things, however he nut connectors and original color wires are attractive options.
I have so many questions, like;
Which brand of plugs will give the best performance?
Which brand of plugs will jive with my Ford spark plug and head bolt wrench?
Will the distributor spark plug wire kits I see at MAC, Lang’s and Chaffin’s Garage
be compatible with the new spark plugs?
As a Plan B (or is it C or D) could I change the ends of my existing spark plug wires to connect with the brass nut connectors— I see the parts in catalogs, but I’m wondering if such a change over really would be practical?

As I mentioned, she’s not a show car and my hope is to get her back on the road by 2024 but I’d like to get her back on the road in as close to original condition as I can afford to.

I’ve been using the Autolite 3095 plugs in my '14 and '25 tourings cars.
They are inexpensive and easy to get. I’m running Model T coils and Mag
on both.
I also have been running the Autolite 386 on my 1935 Ford Cabriolet V8
for years. It’s a standard Ford distributor and 21-stud engine that came with
the car new. They work fine for me.

Thank you! That’s good to know.

After a couple of days soaking them with penetrating oil I was finally able to pull the first two plugs free with the help of a rubber mallet.
They are Champion A-25s and look to be in excellent condition, so I think I’ll be able to reuse them. The lettering by the way is red, not green, which shows how poor the lighting is way back in the garage. What will need replacing are the spark plug cables, which don’t look so good and are suspended in place with what looks like a cleverly bent coat hanger. Clever, but certainly not original!
I’ve seen sets of spark plug cables or sale on line from various suppliers.
I’m assuming they are all came from the same factory, or am I wrong?
I’ll also need to order whatever support brackets that can replace the coat hanger.

A 15/16" deep socket worked perfectly. Thanks! :+1:
I’ve now got all the plugs out, oil in the cylinders and the holes plugged with rags.

Last I heard a lady in New York was making all the T plug wires that are being sold by the vendors in the pale yellow/ striped versions. So my deal would be to search for the best prices and service.

Thank you for the advice.
It’s nice to know where these things come from.