after 40 + years i will not be setting up next year i didn’t make expenses last year. if you know i have something call and i will bring it.thanks charley shaver.417 394 2788

Why don’t you and a few other dealers go together and set up a booth. Could be very impressive!

done that before.!!!. Charley

I want to go but am not sure if I can get off from work.

Is it truly a swap meet? Can I go in with an extra radiator and swap it? Or do I need to rent a space to sell or swap a few extra parts? I don’t have enough extra T parts to justify renting a space, but I would like to see an area dedicated to those like me who only have a few parts to get rid of.

You can bring those extra parts to my spaces if they have prices on them.

Thank you, that is a VERY nice offer.

I plan on Hershey this year, then Chickasha depending on Hershey success.

It would be an honor to meet you.

When is it?

Chickasha Antique Auto Club holds two Auto Swap Meets each year. The Spring meet is always the 2nd full weekend in May and the Fall meet is always the 3rd full weekend in October. Our fall swap meet is the largest Auto Swap Meet in Oklahoma.

2017 AACA Eastern Regional Fall Meet
October 4 to 7, 2017
The Eastern Division AACA National Fall Meet takes place each year during the 1st full week in October.

Hershey is amazing, bring your walking shoes as the vendors go on-and-on.

I have not been to Chickasha, but I will probably make it this year…