Clutch shaft leak repair

Hey Royce, you explained how to fix the leaks on the pedal shafts, what about the clutch shaft. Do you have any pictures of that procedure. I bought those seals that you showed in your article but I think im going to have the pedal cams machined to fit the seals instead of machining the hogs head. By the way I saw you mention that drilling out rivits was easy, HOLY CRAP getting that rivit out of the center shaft was quite an ordeal. Thanks for all your knowledge and information. Doug

Doug machining the cams would be done the same way that I machined the aluminum hogsheads. Only difference is that cast iron is harder so you would need to be sure to flow oil on the cutter the whole time.

On the topic of the clutch fork shaft, would you recommend the o-ring and spring method described in the Model T transmission manual?

Doug I have never done that but it looks like it would work well.