Cobb X Shinn and Witt Post Cards

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Excellent as always

So much history. Back when automobiles were fun and had personality. They still are, but most are so bland you would never see cards like this today. Hard to imagine funny cards about a Tesla or Prius. That’s why we gravitate to old cars and a slower time of life.

Now these are funny. It’s a shame that we seem to have lost funny today. Thank you Auto Inn!

I just re-visited the Cobb X. Shinn post card posting. I see them offered on T-Bay and are frequently listed as Cobb AND (caps mine) Shinn. Actually the post cards were the product of one man whose middle name began with the letter X, for Xavier perhaps? Moreover his real first name was Conrad, Cobb was a nickname. He was born about an hour west of Indianapolis in 1887 and went to cartoonist heaven in 1951.

Has anyone else noticed that in a goodly number of the post cards the Model T is drawn as right hand drive? And also, I noticed much of the content is a patois of German and perhaps Dutch.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why the post cards were done this way?