Coils not buzzing

I went to start my 1911 and the coils buzzed for a moment then stopped. I had the battery checked, and all connections lock good. I checked and it appears i have 12 volts to the coil box. Not sure what to do next.

You need a ground too which comes from the timer. Measure that.

Could be your switch too.

12 volts measured at the coil box has to go through the switch to get there.

I read “12 volts to the coil box” as 12V to the coil box battery terminal on the firewall side. My bad. I am thinking of my 1915, maybe different on 1911.

It’s identical on earlier T’s. 12 (or any other number) volts from a battery can be connected to that terminal which is wired to the switch. The switch controls whether or not battery voltage (or MAG voltage) is connected to the lower terminals inside the coil box. I am assuming he has measured voltage inside the coil box at the lower terminals.