Coming FAST!

Automakers testing their self-driving cars on California roads might be able to go fully autonomous as soon as April, according to the state’s DMV. Instead of putting someone behind the wheel to take over in certain circumstances, such as when the self-driving system isn’t working as well as it should, the companies will be required to link their cars to remote operators. Those remote drivers’ job is to keep an eye on multiple cars and to take over their controls if and when needed.

When this gets past testing, which it will soon, these vehicles will be everywhere. And since these vehicles are safe, the roads will be safer. Eventually you can expect electric vehicles in all urban areas at your beck and call. They will self-dock when they need a recharge, and be ready when you need them. It is coming, FAST!

Fully driverless cars will begin testing on California’s public roads after the state approved rules allowing the operation of vehicles without humans at the wheel.
Before the regulations approved Monday by the state’s Office of Administrative Law, autonomous cars still needed an approved human at the wheel for testing.
“This is a major step forward for autonomous technology in California,” California Department of Motor Vehicles Director Jean Shiomoto said in a statement.
“Safety is our top concern and we are ready to begin working with manufacturers that are prepared to test fully driverless vehicles in California.”
The rules go live on April 2, allowing the state’s DMV to begin issuing permits needed for fully driverless testing.

Once they get the technology right these things will be everywhere, and the roads will be SAFER!

Arizona no longer requires safety drivers in autonomous vehicles

Arizona will now allow self-driving cars to operate in the state without a safety driver behind the wheel. Governor Doug Ducey signed an executive order this week making it legal for these vehicles to operate on their own as long as they abide by all federal and state safety standards.