Dagnabbit! Another Model T to tempt me. This ones a touring

I got the last two tires on the '24 Fordor this morning and got her off the jack stands and several curious people stopped by my open garage door to take a look and talk old cars.
One fellow offered me his 1917 Touring----body panels are sound—some are new, and the wood in the doors has already been replaced,
It does need an engine and transmission (I already have extras) top, upholstery and a fender bracket.
The wooden artillery wheel spokes are loose. It has the cowl lights and the other light fixtures and a new radiator.
It’s a rolling chassis all for $800 which I estimate probably wouldn’t cover the cost of the new parts that are included.
I’ve got to measure and see if I’ve got the room, and getting it home and cleaning out a parking space for it is going to take time away from the Fordor, but man is this tempting.

I always say a touring is the perfect Model T. A Fordor is pretty good for inclement weather, but a touring is the best for great weather.