Day 1 All Ohio Model T Jamboree 2017

Today dawned chilly and cloudy. It was 50 degrees when we left the hotel. An awesome part of the country for a Model T tour, we had many stops for chocolate, wineries, cheese shops, antique shops, and of course an Amish buffet for lunch. It got no warmer than 59 degrees. Fortunately it was dry, no rain all day.

The drive was amazing. Excellent blacktop and oiled gravel roads. Lots of hills, some so steep I had to use Ruckstell, even Ruckstell low once. Here’s a 12 minute sample of how our drive was today. Occasionally you will see Model T’s stopped, there were so many Model T’s that it became common to see two or three stopped in any old place or no place in particular. Lots of folks that had to stop and adjust the low band, lots of folks that had to adjust a slipping Watts clutch. I did not see anyone with a problem that required more than an adjustment or two. These are mostly Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia drivers. They all have T’s that are used to driving up steep hills and going down steep hills. There were plenty of both today!

It was rare to see a car that did not have some sort of outside brakes or the sure stop disc brake conversion. Most had either a Ruckstell or a Warford too.

Here’s the video: