Did Ford make a wooden cab for the TT

I wrote the seller of this item on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1924-Ford-Model-T/162683270720?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&autorefresh=true questioning his description about having a Ruckstell and Ford made wooden cab. He checked and said he made a mistake, it did not have a Ruckstell. But he claims the cab was made by Ford in this reply:

"You are reading that correct that Ford made the cab, this was one of the only years ford produced cabs for the vehicle along with a chassis (in fact the first year). That being said, because this vehicle was marketed for multiple different uses, no 1 cab coming off of fords line was the same, due to the craftsman who build it, the wood available for the cab at the time (ours is oak, but maple, fir, and pine have also been reported for use) and a few other variables. Unlike a metal vehicle, wooden cabs had no standard “dyes” to cast the shape of, and so each cab was made to fit the chassis, and job it was being built for. If you are curious to see other examples, you can do a image search on google for “Factory made Wood Cab Model TT” or “Ford made wood cab Model TT” and see the variations of fords cabs, and then do a search for dealer made wood cab Model TT and you will see the some examples of the chassis how it arrived to dealers as well as some of the dealer made cabs. You will notice the dealer made cabs are usually far lower quality of craftsmanship, mix woods, incorporate metal parts if that’s what was available, and generally look more pieced together ad not near so clean and the ford made cabs. "

-Michael Lamaster

This guy is a classic car dealer, he sells a lot of classic cars, and he claims Ford made a wooden cab for the TT starting in '24. I thought Ford started making cabs for the TT in '24, the C cab and the enclosed cab, but both were metal.

Did Ford make a wooden cab for the TT?

The dealer is mistaken. That particular cab is a nicely done home made cab.

For all the fuss that so many Model T guys make about cars
being “original”, the poor old TT’s sure to get a pass when it
comes to that subject. I welcome anyone to produce a period
photo of a TT wearing a sparkly red oak body that looks like
this one.

No one was going to keep a truck in bare, clear-coated wood
in 1925. The maintenance would be staggering on a truck that
got used for work. And the shape and function of it … ya-ta-
hey ? For all the effort that went in to making a body like that,
they could have at least studied old photos and come up with a
realistic period design. Prior to 1923, ALL TT’s were sold as bare
chassis and got aftermarket bodies … most of them wood. To
find photos is no challenge at all.

On the flip side, maybe the builder did not care a whit, and just
built the first thing that came to mind ? I am more into historical
representation, so this does not appeal to me at all. But then
neither do Corvairs or Porsches, and there are plenty of people
who like those ! Maybe I am the “weird” one ? :laughing: