Disk wheels

I finally completed my disk wheel project. These wheels run nice and straight and seem to be pretty well balanced.

Wow, it looks great. Tell us about the carburetor situation please!

I am currently running two Stromberg RF carbs. I built an intake manifold that uses two runners with a pipe connecting them. The linkage was a challenge, but I got it worked out using the T hand throttle. This car has a Warford transmission, so I rigged a foot feed, but I didn’t like it and took it off. I prefer to reach through the steering wheel with my left hand and shift with my right. It’s a fun car. I have cruised it at 65 on the highway so it will go. I have good brakes on it, too. Here is a better picture.

I built the engine with some non-stock parts. We made custom, longer billet rods running inserted bearings on a Scat crank with no problems after about 2,500 miles. It has pistons from a Yamaha 650 quad, because with the long rods I needed to move the wrist pin up. There are some advantages to longer rods that I won’t get into now. I’m running a P head, with some work done in the combustion chambers to get the compression up to a true 6.5:1. There are some other things, too, that I tried and am pleased with. Everything is well balanced.

I don’t have any secrets, so if you have any other questions let me know. :sunglasses:

She looks great, I’ll bet she preforms well also.