Distributor/Coil Box Swap

My next project is a ‘26 Runabout. The car came to me running with a Distributor/coil conversion installed and I want to convert it back to a coil box. I am looking for the coil box, covers, harness, and of course coils. I know that I can procure a mix and match of parts here and there but it occurs to me that perhaps someone on this board may have previously done a similar conversion and removed/stored the parts that I am looking for. Conversely someone here may be building a speedster and planning to remove their coil box.

If anyone has a complete coil box system and is planning g such a conversion I would be willing to do a swap, my Distributor/coil for your complete coil box.

Note that I have just purchased a new house with a new shop, my Runabout is in storage and it will be a few months before I can move the T and actually remove my current Distributor, but maybe we can help each other with our spring projects!