Dry Ridge Motor Car Company

Harry Eckler’s Dry Ridge Motor Car Company, photographed circa 1916. From the left, that’s a Cadillac, Ford, Oakland, Cadillac, Ford, and Ford. The Dry Ridge Motor Car Company was the local agent for Ford and Oakland model cars. The concern was run for Mr. Eckler by Dan Points and P.J. Clements.

The above information was posted on the reverse side of the original photo.

Dry Ridge is located 35 miles due south of Covington and 50 miles due north of Lexington.

Apparently the derivation of the town’s name has nothing to do with the unavailability of John Barleycorn’s favorite libations. According to one legend the name Dry Ridge came about because you can go from north of the modest sized city of Walton to south of the smaller community of Corinth and never cross a stream of water.

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