Edw. P. Cooper Victrolas

Edw. P. Cooper in front of his delivery Model T in Ludlow, Kentucky a suburb of Covington, cities by which Cincinnati sprang up. Mr. Cooper went on to establish two other appliance stores, the last closing in 1967 or so. I’m supposing the photo dates pre-1920. Any thoughts are appreciated.

He must have been making a customer call and took a quick photograph before he left.
The same spot today, 240 through 232 Elm Street was behind the Model T.
I wonder if that brick street is under that pavement?

Thank you for taking the time to research the modern photo. It’s amazing how little things have changed in nearly a century if not more. As for the bricks my thought is yes they are still there. I have noticed at least locally when a street is involved in reconstruction and layers of paving are stripped away the old bricks are there. Also to be found are the old inground rails from the old streetcar system abandoned here in the late 40’s.