engine stand adapter?

Now that my chassis is rolling with complete rebuilt axles. I now have to put my engine together. I have the engine stand adapter and my question is. Does this really support an entire assembled engine with just the water inlet bolts and those tiny pegs!!!

I know it is difficult to believe, but ask yourself, how much weight will each bolt hold? How much does the engine weigh? You don’t want close tolerances here, but if each bolt will hold 500 lbs. and the engine weighs 400m lbs., you should be OK.

That looks plenty strong.

I bought one of the calalog adapters that worked fine, but then found that I needed to bore (2) new locator holes in the mounting collar, to get full assembly positions for the transmission etc. Not sure why they don’t come complete with that feature?

David, it will be fine. If it makes you feel better, you can replace those thumb screws with a bolt and nut (actually probably just a bolt being it has a thread insert or nut welded in there)–until your ready to install the pan.

In the world of muscle cars, many many people lift V-8 engines with a lift plat mounted to the carb mount on the intake. These are just 4 common 5/16" bolts. Those engines can typically tip the scales between 500-750 lbs. Then some bolt the transmission on so they can install as a unit. A typical transmission is another 60-100 lbs. Again, all this weight supported by 4 tiny 5/16" bolts. I typically do it the old fashion way on my v-8’s and use 2 , 3/8" bolts running the chain diagonally across the engine to lift it. My Chevy 454 cu in. weighed in at a healthy 700lbs and lifted with two 3/8 bolts multiple times.

Bottom line, those two 7/16" bolts on the water inlet will more than handle the weight of a T engine. The pins also help support the weight even though they are not bolted tight. The biggest issue I see with that setup is it appears that you can not shift it to go between cyl 3 and 4 to help balance the load when you attach the transmission.

Good luck with the build, I know you have been at it for a while now.

Thanks guys, I feel better now! I just worry about that 100 year old brittle cast iron. No cracks were found with magna Flux while in the shop. So my progress continues, go get my borrowed stand on Sat morn and we will see how far I get. And Chad, if ever in my area let me know!

North adams ma that is my neck of the woods. In fact you have alot of parts from my car that came from the woods, I gave ya stuff for your doodle bug. Parts not good enough for the road.

I remember you well, David. Some of the parts have already been pressed into service. There is almost no “bad” T part in this household. There is a use in some form for almost everything.

If I known you needed to borrow a stand, I would have lent you one. I have several here as I put quite a number of v-8 engines together in the past for different clients of the musclecar variety. Lately I have been trying to wane the customer stuff down so I can work on my own.

Thanks Chad, I really appreciate that. My coworker had one that he hasn’t used in twenty years. I can basically use it until he needs it back, I guess I can keep it :smiley: I really happy you could use some of those parts, just can’t stand scrapping model t stuff, even if it can’t use it. I’m trying to get some stray model t guys into a small group. There are a few I need to literally hunt down. The western ma club has a few events that hopefully interest people. We had a banquet and hill climb last weekend that is just a blast! My goal is up and running and tuned for next Sept!