Fan belt woes

Howard, our '24 roadster, has decided to start throwing the fan belt. I’ve tried less tension, more tension and that doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t know if this was a pre-existing problem because Howard went through several previous owners who never had the engine running.

Does the fan arm have a “front” and a “back” ?

The stock crank pulley is tight and the fan hub has been rebuilt with no slop. The belt itself has perhaps 500 miles on it as does the hub assembly. Before I try anything I thought I’d get some input; no need to reinvent the wheel as they say.

Thanks in advance,

Tom in Taylor Mill, KY 41015


Tom I’ve got no clue, maybe post a photo of the engine from both sides?

Hello Tom, you may want to try one of these for your top pulley from Lang’s Old Car Parts ,The Model T Parts Specialists, Item Number: 3962BBN
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Fan hub ball bearing accessory pulley, All new, machined aluminum. 2 sealed ball bearings, No oiling or greasing required, no exchange required. Modified with modern style ball bearings. NOTE: Ball bearing fan hubs use permanently lubricated, sealed bearings. No more grease all over your engine and hood!

Happy motoring,