Farm TT

This looks alike a good candidate to get in shape mechanically and drive. If you want an old truck that LOOKS like an old truck, just build a bed on it and it is ready to go to work on your farm. I do not know the seller and have not seen the truck, but if I were in the market I would check this one out - Warford and fair price.

The engine was rebuilt by Gene French, the seller. He is a fantastic machinist and a Model T guy from way back. This is an incredible bargain in my opinion. Wish I had room for it.

What people do not realize is once one comes within the gravitational
pull of these things, a peculair deterioration of the brain takes place and
breaking free of their terminal grip is largely impossible. I spent the day
driving mine, hauling pallets of roofing material to a job. I will likely do
so again tomorrow. I have fallen to the dark side. :astonished:

I don’t think anyone is going to question a peculiar deterioration of your brain!

But this is a great start to building a long running TT. The engine is not complete, BUT it has been rebabbited by a well know TT guy who makes and sells line boring units. The bottom end is RIGHT! But not even one bid at this incredible price?!!?!

A lot of people don’t want a project, they want a TT ready to run. That may be because a lot of TT’s are used by wineries, farms, stores, etc. for advertising. They don’t want to mess with doing the mechanical work and the time and money for parts required. They want a reliable running vehicle.

But, if you have the ability or desire to learn, this truck is a great deal. You have a good base to build from and end up with a reliable TT which you know from the bottom up and you KNOW it was done right.

How often do you get to buy a vehicle from a reputable source? The seller of this truck is well known and has an excellent reputation in the Model T world.

The BIN price is good, shipping would be a bear. But I would love to see this old truck go to a good home where someone has the time and ability to fix her up and drive!

We both share a peculiar deterioration of the brain for these things.

I agree. This is a great starting point to build up from. The price is
right and when done, you’ll know exactly what you have. No mysteries.

I would advise that you not accuse others of having the mental health problems you seem to glory in.

Sheesh, Tom … do you have a sense of humor ? It’s that thing one does
where we laugh at things and ourselves. You should give it a whirl. :laughing:

Yeah, I guess mental health problems are right humorous to some people.