Farmington MN 2019 Swap Meet and Car Show

The day after the tour was Sunday June 9, 2019. It started out sunny and 65 degrees, then clouds rolled in and I was wishing I had worn long pants and brought my jacket.


While the swap meet was small, there were good things for sale at reasonable prices. A lot of stuff traded hands.

The car show included most of the participants from the tour a day earlier. Many of us didn’t have time to wash off the dust from the dirt roads.

Generally these are all very reliable cars. We had no break downs on the tour, other than one fellow running out of gas which was not the fault of the Model T!

A new TT owner brought his car to the show on a trailer in search of information and parts. Upon arriving home I realized it looked familiar. In the September / October 2018 AACA magazine there is an article on an identical TT dump truck. The dump bed is an accessory made by Superior Boiler Works, a rare and desirable unit indeed.

These two TT owners need to talk!