First model t need info

just bought my first model t, and i know absolutely nothing about them or even where to begin. just thought it was a cool car and picked up a 1922 model t coupe. without sounding to dumb… where do i even start???

the guy i picked the car up from said it ran about 5 years ago. motor seems to turn over freely. it does not have the 6v battery currently. if i were to try to get this thing running where do i begain? what is a check list of things i can begin to look at so that its ready to attempt to be started. i know these are very broad questions but i am scared to even try to start the car until i have made sure i will not do any harm. thanks for any advice. i will be picking up a 6v battery from walmart on my way home today and putting that in. i dont see a headlight switch or tail light switch or anything. im pretty knowldgeable with doing my own work on cars i have just never had anything near this old and not familiar with the model t technology.

The first thing to do is join a local club if there is one in your area. Model T’s are not like other cars, the ignition system and the transmission are items which won’t make sense to a logical mind, but they are in fact extremely reliable and trouble free the way Ford designed them.

We have not tried to write an article about returning a Model T to life after years of sitting idle. You might poke around at and see what there is.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that these cars were normally driven until they mechanically would not drive any more due to some failure. Your first job will be to try and identify what is wrong with the car.

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Buy a few books from a Model T vendor such as Langs, and pick one that deals with you situation.