Fixing a Round Fellow 1915 Model T Ford Wheel

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Well how to start.I see you used a aircraft guality screw.Is this guality required for soundness etc. or would a rivet made from cold rolled stock be ok? As you say any day is a good day when you can use the lathe.My thought for one rivet,have the proper head shape make one on the lathe.Sorry not trying to be critical.I do enjoy your posts.

Good thoughts. I had only a couple hours to do this job because the car was supposed to be used for Hugo Richter’s services on this past Saturday, which it was. The aircraft grade screw necessitated heating before driving the rivet. If it had been mild steel like an original rivet, and the hickory fellow brand new, then I could have simply shot the rivet. I don’t know that I have any mild steel suitable for making one on the lathe, perhaps something like a Grade 5 carriage bolt would be a source for something like that. In any case I am going to order a handful of rivets from Big Flats for next time.

Very nice and useful for many people repair article! I did have to chuckle for a minute. Glad to see I am not the only one that had J B Welded a Phillips “X”! (Not something I do often, but hey! It is a simple fix that works!)
Thank you.