Floorboard fun. kind of, anyway

Now that the engine has oil, I turned my attention to the electrical system—getting the battery fully charged and connected and the rear “hatch” secured.
But first I’ll put the front floorboards in,and,they don’t fit! At least the middle floorboard won’t fit.
The pedal farthest to the right doesn’t clear the slot in the floorboard. I tried to nuance the offending floorboard under the pedals, of course, but no joy! Even my newly discovered expletives I learned from bolting the ground strap didn’t persuade the pedal to “move over.” There is a metal trim plate so simply routing out some wood isn’t going to work and trying to bend the pedal will only invite disaster.
Since these floorboards fit OK before I delved into the Ford Old Faithful Oiler, I suspect maybe the first floorboard—the one with the angle-- might be somehow askew?

OK I took the front floorboards back out and turned my attention to the battery.
I have new battery hold down clamps to install so I removed the old home-made wooden ones and set the new battery in place, so the negative terminal is closest to the ground strap, which I discover is too long and buckles just enough to keep the “hatch” from seating flush with the rear floorboard.
I suspect that I’ll have to unbolt the ground strap and attach it on the outside of the frame channel. Right now It’s bolted to the inside of the frame channel. There looks to be enough clearance between the frame and the bottom of the hatch for the scheme to work, I hope.

Any suggestions?

Need pics. It fit before, then you did something, now it doesn’t fit? Hmmm…

If they fit before they ought to fit again.

Well, this has been an adventure!
Photos would only show the middle floorboard askew, nothing to indicate why it wouldn’t fit into place.
Next I tried to get a better fit where the tabs go into the slots for the pedals. No luck with that.
This morning I took a look at the ol’ woodpile. and pulled out the original floorboards. With a little encouragement the old middle floorboard fit seamlessly into place with the new!
Now the old middle floorboard had been crudely repaired sometime in the distant past, so I wire brushed the putty-like stuff as smooth as I could and gave it a shot of black Rustoleum—an improvement anyway. It needs a few tiny screws as some were missing that holds the pedal trim and I’m sure there are some in my garage to fit.

The adventure continues.
The original floorboard, the one with “character” bothered me after all the time and effort I’ve put into this seemingly minor part of the project.
It looked terrible!
The had at the new floorboard with my disc/belt sander and after a few minutes got it to fit into place. The new “top” floorboard levered into place with the help of a Stanley Wonder Bar.
All that’s left is a little black paint to hide the raw wood where I sanded the edges. I could probably get by with a black Marks-a-lot but I have plenty of black paint and no Marks-a-lot.
It’s been a good morning with Pop’s T :grin: