For Sale-Rebuilt Model T Ford Starting Motors

Three rebuilt Model T Ford starting motors for sale.
Completely rebuilt including; total disassembly, gauging of brushcap, case and mounting bracket for any damage or misalignment, field winding rebuilt using new pinned and silver soldered terminal bolt to buss bar connection, New terminal bolt nuts made to Ford specifications, brushplate removed and completely rebuilt with FunProjects fiberglass insulators and riveted into the brushcap (an electrical connection) with copper rivets as originally manufactured, armature shaft straightened, armature electrically tested, commutator refinished and new brushes contoured to commutator, sealed ball bearing and spacer in brush cap (far superior to bushings with no facility for lubrication), new mounting bracket main bushing with integral armature shaft oil seal installed and re-bushed mounting bracket Bendix stop nut running area (two units)
Each unit has been electrically and dynamically tested for speed, torque and current draw to original Ford specifications.
Price is $350 for the one unit without rebushed Bendix stop nut running area and $375 for the two units with rebushed Bendix stop nut running area. Plus UPS shipping including a special box you can reuse to return your (required) starter core. Contact Ron Patterson Telephone 8 five 9-8 eight 1-one 6 seven 7 or Email modeltcoils(at)windstream(dot)net.

The three rebuilt starters are no longer available.