Ford Agency Vintage Photos from Scotland County, NC

Thanks to Murdoch Morrison for supplying these very interesting images. The man in both photos with the bow tie is his grandfather Ralph Morrison. In one photo there are two small boys. The older one is Murdoch Morrison Sr, father of the Murdoch Morrison who supplied these images. The other boy is his uncle William Morrison who was around 2 years old. The photos are of 1916 model year Model T Fords. From the clothing being worn we can tell it’s not too hot outside so likely the fall of 1915 or spring of 1916 since the 1916 model year went from August 1915 through July of 1916.

The buildings were in Chapel Hill, NC near the location of US 74 and NC State highway 1144. The buildings were torn down to make way for widening of US 74 some time after WWII. Not seen and immediately behind the photographer would be the Charlotte to Wilmington railroad tracks.

The photos were restored and digitized by Sarah Sacco of Davidson, NC. Nice work!

Neat photographs with great family history.
In the top photo, looks like Mr. Morrison had the guys line up a couple
of dealership cars on the far left. One appears to be a '14 style touring.
The “new” cars seem to be front and center!
Really enjoy looking at the old photographs.