Ford Dealer Parts Bins and Dealer Items

I thought members of the forum would like to see a set of original Ford Dealer parts bins from the teens. The bins have “Genuine Ford Parts” stenciled onto the top of the bins and each bin and drawer has the part number stenciled to the bin. The wood is beautiful, with no knots. Each bin is 7’ tall and 6’ wide and 1’deep.

Here are some additional photos of the bins, plus some dealer items, including an original Ford “cut-away” battery, Blackhawk water pump display and AC speedometer display. Interestingly, each drawer has the part number stamped into the location where the particular part is to be placed (see photo).

Where are these located?

I’ve got them in my barn in Flagstaff, AZ. I had to get them up a flight of stairs and it took five “big” men to carry each set up the stairs (There are three sets!).

This kind of thing really turns my crank. I find the stuff in my life does not fit
well into neat little cubbies, so the attraction is entirely aesthetic and an impractical
expense of space. But man, do I love this kind of thing !!! Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Russ: I’m envious! I’d like to see your display again when I’m in the area. You’ve accomplished a lot since I was there a few years back. Those bins are probably the ones that Bill Bohlen used to own?

Hi Larry, You are correct. Bill Bohlen bought these from Geri Rader (Bill Rader had passed away and she sold the to Bill B.) When Bill B. said he wanted to sell them, I could not pass them up!!! Unfortunately, I have no history on the bins. Russ