Ford tough

For the U.S. market, designers wanted to give the Ranger more of a “Ford Tough” look, explained Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s executive vice president for Global Operations. That’s an attitude American customers expect from a truck, he said. Plus Ford wanted it to bear some resemblance to the larger F-150 pickup.
The Ford Ranger will be powered by a 2.3-liter EcoBoost, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. It will provide power similar to competitive trucks’ 6-cylinder engines but with better fuel economy, according to Ford (F).
The Ranger will also have a 10-speed transmission, a fuel-saving feature that Ford is adding to many of its vehicles.

Tough? NO, this truck is the definition of sissification of the auto industry. It will ride smoother than a Cadillac, have more technology than you can use, parallel park with a push button, heated seats, heating and cooling adjusted for each side separately, lane change warning, etc. etc. Trucks have been womanized and this will be a prime example.

I’ll give it props for styling. Much nicer looking than it used to be and a bit better looking their competition in my opinion. But other than that just another over priced, over teched, over sized car with pickup bed on it.