Fordson tractors information needed

Does anyone know of a resource for identifying year of production on fordson tractors?
Serial numbers are not visible around manifold area .these are rubber tire tractors.

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According to this link your photo appears to be a Model F Fordson, with rubber tires I am no expert on these, just comparing photos.

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Dating an F comes down to details and is not an exact science (because repair/replacement parts in those detail areas can throw off the date). The radiator sides are solid, not ladder style, so that places it after 1918. The style & stampings on the main kero tank are also useful in dating. 1918-1923 tanks are stamped “Henry Ford & Son, Inc” while 1924-1927 tanks are stamped “Fordson made by Ford Motor Company.” 1917-1924 tanks had one fill hole (or bung) because the gasoline starting tank was mounted separately on the water washer. Ford began integrating that starting tank into the main tank in late 1924, so from late 1924 until 1927, the main tank had two fill holes. Produvction moved to Cork, Ireland in 1928 and those tanks have “Cork, Ireland” stamped below “Ford Motor Company” (along with differences to front axzle and water washer). Of course, tanks are easily swapped out, so this is not definitive in dating. Carb setups are also useful in dating because those changed over the years as well). If you cannot make out an engine serial number, I would suggest you look at the latest patent date listed on the dash - this will probably give you the most accurate dating window.

Those wheels are known as cutoffs. They’re either homemade (became fairly common to cut down Fordson steel wheels and weld them into rims with tires) or aftermarket accessories.

BTW - if I recall correctly, the serial number is not on the manifold side - it’s on the other side. Look mid-block, right below the head gasket seam, and see if the number is there.

Just remembered - serial number IS ON MANIFOLD SIDE - check between intake and exhaust ports on #1 cylinder.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my request. You have given me a great wealth of information to study. I will get back to you when I have more information.

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