Forward pedal adjustment

Does anyone can help me with the adjustment of the forward pedal and the E brake adjustment for neutral on 1924 model T

Welcome! These pics may help. A good starting point is to have 1 to 1.5 inches between the floor board and the pedal when the pedal is firmly depressed. Don’t adjust the low band any tighter than necessary to keep the low speed link from going “over center” and causing the low pedal to stick to the floor when depressed.

Another thing - You need to get a copy of the Model T Ford service manual if you don’t already have one, all the adjustment procedures are in there. You can get a copy through the MTFCA store, or any of the Model T ford vendors.

Regarding the emergency brake lever, the service manual recommends that the parking brakes should be firmly engaged when the lever is pointing straight up. This is done by adjusting the length of the parking brake rods.

I used a different procedure to adjust my parking brake rods. First, I disconnected the clevises from the parking brake cross shaft. Then, I set the brake lever fully forward and held it there with a block of wood in the floor board slot. Then, I pushed each rod forward and back until I could feel when the parking brake cam inside the drum was at its fully relaxed position (this is even easier if the drums are off and you can see the parking brake cams). With the cams fully relaxed, adjust the length of the parking brake rods so that the holes in the clevises line up with the arms of the cross shaft and the clevis pins slip into the arms of the cross shaft easily. Then, install the cotter pins onto the linkage pins and cinch up the lock nuts onto the clevises. Now remove the block of wood from the brake lever floorboard slot and check that the parking brakes are fully engaged when you pull the lever back.

This method ensures that the parking brake rods won’t try to push the brake lever away from fully forward when you are in high gear, possibly causing the high gear clutch to slip.

What cudaman says is correct however I have to add one thing. On all of my T’s I have had to add threads to the emergency brake rods and cut the rods off in order to acieve the proper adjustment. The threads are 5/16"-24 and I have to use a die that size.