Found! - E&J Generator Basket

Hi Royce, Mark Strange here. My 1912 Flanders has an E&J generator on it, but I think it has the wrong basket, see the attached pic of my generator sitting on the maroon running board of my Flanders.

Does anyone have a correct E&J basket they want to sell, or trade for my current basket? The correct E&J basket has a cylindrical cup for the carbide wrapped with heavy twisted wire, like the picture I lifted from Lang’s website.

Update - I was able to find an original basket and center cup. I have sold the incorrect basket.

Yes the basket in the lower photo looks like the 1913 - 14 Corcoran or Brown style. Good luck finding the right one - maybe call Mark Freimiller?

Good idea! I’ll also try Bob Bergstadt is Mark doesn’t have one.

Good news! I found a basket from another T person (can’t remember their name), but it was missing the brass center cup. At Hershey 2021, I was sitting at R.V. Anderson’s tent talking to him and Kim Dobbins when I mentioned that I was missing the cup. Kim said he had a cup with no basket at home and offered to send it to me, so now I have the complete basket and cup assembly! Talk about serendipity! :slight_smile:

I heard RV passed away recently. Great guy, I will miss him.